Bronx Pretzel

German Style Soft Pretzels and Pretzel Bread


Fresh pretzels and pretzel breads can be delivered to within 100 miles of our bakery. We aim to provide the best possible service and the highest quality products. This is a fresh bread product with a clean label and uses no preservatives. We would be happy to visit you with samples and discuss how pretzels will enhance your menu. Contact us today for a price list.

About Our Pretzels

More than just a New York Pretzel, we make the best soft pretzels and pretzel breads in the NY area using the traditional German method. They are hand rolled and lye dipped to give them the chewy texture, deep flavor and distinctive pretzel crust you should expect from a German pretzel.

Pretzels are a specialty bread which fall into the family of Laugen Brocht or lye dipped bread. The lye dipping process is what makes a pretzel a pretzel. Without it, it is simply pretzel shaped bread with none of the true flavor. The lye is what gives it a crispy dark crust with a slightly bitter salty finish. Our pretzel in particular is modeled after the German Swabian style, with a fat bottom and skinny arms.

Every pretzel on its way to you is produced by people trained to maintain our quality standards. So intimate is the pretzel makers relationship to the product that we can tell who on the team rolled each pretzel when it comes out of the oven.

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Our pretzels and pretzel breads are served by some of the finest establishments in the New York area. They are as seriously committed to serving great products as we are to supplying them with it.


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